XT-5 PCR system 250 U-601800031730

XT-5 PCR system 250 U-601800031730

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  • Brand: Bangalore GeNei
  • Catalog No.: 601800031730
  • Quantity/Unit: 250 U/Pack
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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


XT-5PCR System is useful to amplify up to 5 kb target DNA from genomic DNA templates. The system comes with 250 U capacity. A well-defined ratio of enzymes along with a set of highly optimized buffer systems (Assay buffers 5A and 5B) ensures specific PCR products. Following are the details of assay buffer compositions -XT-Polymerase buffer 5A : (1X)TAPS (pH 8.8), KCl, 1.75mM MgCl2 ,Gelatin and XT-Polymerase buffer 5B : (1X)Tris (pH 9.1), (NH4)2SO4, 1.5mM MgCl2. The system is useful for high-efficiency PCR amplification, the products obtained can be used for gene cloning and other genetic manipulations, It ensures higher yields of the amplified product with improved fidelity. Store the buffer at 4-degree Celsius for daily routine requirements or at - 20 degree Celsius for long term storage.