Zero Air Gas generator-ATZ-05

Zero Air Gas generator-ATZ-05

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Brand: Athena Technology

Catalog No.: ATZ-05

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Product Details

Zero Air Gas generator is supplied by Athena Technology. It produces a continuous flow of high purity Zero Air at selected pressure. This zero air is used as an oxidant supply to GC-FIDs and as a zero-grade gas supply/zero reference gas for process analytical instruments.It is designed specifically to supply clean, dry, hydrocarbon-free air to be used as flame support gas for GC at both standard and trace detection limits.  It produces highly pure hydrogen by utilizing SPE technology to electrolyze pure water(no adding alkali).It is highly effective, energy-saving, and of environmental protection.The gas purity and output flow  stays regular under continual use.


• High purity hydrogen (99.999%~99.9999%) obtained

• Stable output flow

• Safe and convenient to operate

• Various alarm devices (overpressure alarm, water shortage alarm, and water accumulated alarm).

• High electrolysis efficiency.

• High reliability, easy to maintain. 

• Match with all kinds of GC. 

• No corrosion and pollution

• Application: Fuel gas and the carrier gas for GC (Gas Chromatography), Reaction gas for ELCD (Electrolytic Conductivity Detector), Reaction gas for AED (Atomic emission detectors).



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