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Biohit was established in 1970 and over the years it has gaineda reputationas a manufacturer of laboratory products and holds ISO 13485 and 9001 certifications. The company offers several products including Diagnostic tests for lactose intolerance, celiac disease etc. They manufacture acetaldehyde binding products to prevent exposure to carcinogenic substances. Biohit also manufactures monoclonal antibodies for research and diagnostic purposes. The company provides instruments for routine laboratory use suchaspipettes and other liquid handling equipment. Several types of pipettes are produced, including manual and automatic micropipettes of varying volume capacities. Multi-channel pipettes are also available. Biohit manufactures micro-tips. Conventional filter tips are produced along with SafetySpace filtered tips which provide for more space between the sample and the pipette. BioMall allows customers to chose from a wide range of products manufactured by Biohit.


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