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Lab Water Purification

The water used in laboratories to prepare reagents and for washing and cleaning glassware must be devoid of any contaminants. While tap water itself is clean, it contains cations like calcium, magnesium and anions like chloride, bicarbonate etc. Apart from that, tap water contains organic molecules, dissolved gases like oxygen, nitrogen, colloidal particles, trace pollutants etc. While this water may be safe to consume as most biological contaminants like bacteria, viruses are removed, it cannot be directly used as laboratory water. This is because the dissolved components may interfere with the experiments. Laboratory water standards are specified by ASTM, CLSI and ISO. The ISO specifies different grades of water purity. Water treatment may be done using distillation, filtration using different filter pore sizes, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis, deionization, electro deionization, adsorption and ultraviolet oxidation.

Biomall allows customers to easily purchase laboratory water purification systems which provide water of different grades and different levels of purity.


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