Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.    What is all about? is a market place for entities dealing in scientific, medical and diagnostic goods. 

It serves as an exchange platform helping buyers and sellers connect and buy/sell goods online/offline 

It also serves as an information gateway for the scientist/researcher providing them up-to-date information related to products/services offered by various companies and a mechanism by which they can request for quote from various suppliers.


  • 2.    Who can create an account on 

Any scientists/researchers or end users can register as a buyer.  Businesses dealing/trading in scientific, medical and diagnostic goods can register as a supplier. All necessary documents need to be provided by businesses wanting to register as a supplier. 


  • 3.    I am a professor/scientist/researcher working in an institute/company.  Can I register and buy any of the goods online? 

Yes. You can buy any of the goods online provided they are in stock. If they are not in stock then you can request for quote.


  • 4.    I am a supplier of scientific/medical/diagnostic goods. How can registering as a supplier on benefit me?

There are 3 main benefits of registering as a supplier on

1) helps you promote your brand via digital marketing (opening of e-stores, email marketing campaigns,digital advertisements, webinars) and via roadshows.

2)  It also helps you liquidate your inventory

3)  You can receive enqueries and orders from end-users


  • 5.    Can I register for free?

Yes. Anybody can register for free on the website. Their contact information is verified. If the contactinformation provided is wrong then their account will be deactivated.


  • 6.    What are the fees forsellers to register?

We have various plans.Please visit “Create an account” link on the website to study the different plans. Please contact us on if you have any questions.