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Speciality Chemicals

Speciality chemicals are low volume, high value chemicals which are targeted towards specific end-use applications. They are used on the basis of their function or performance, hence also known as performance chemicals. They are valuable for research in chemical industries.  Adhesives, agrichemicals, fragrances, construction chemicals, elastomers, food additives, industrial gases, cleaning materials, cosmetic additives, lubricants, polymers and surfactants are some of the types of speciality chemicals available. It is observed that most of the speciality chemicals are organic in nature and found in a wide range of daily products. Agrochemicals are used for manufacturing insecticides and pesticides. Fragrances, cosmetic additives are sought after in the personal care domain. Dyes, pigments and lubricants form an indispensable part of the paint and chemical industries.  Surfactants fall in the category of water chemicals and are used as detergents.

Alkoxy dinitrile, copper oxine, ferrocine carboxylic acid, phthalodinitrile, potassium phthalimide, silico tungstic acid, trimethylamine HCl and ultragreen A are some of the speciality chemicals can be bought on the, under this category of speciality chemicals.


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