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Protein Electrophoresis

Electrophoresis is a laboratory technique employed in the separation of molecules, which are often biomolecules, popularly DNA fragments. The principle involves the migration of charged particles through a gel medium under an electric field. Protein electrophoresis is used to separate proteins from a fluid or extract. Separation is mainly dependant on the size and charge of the target molecules, however other factors also affect the process. In combination with spectrometry, chromatography, and other techniques, protein electrophoresis is a powerful tool for protein identification and quantification. 
There are various types of protein electrophoresis techniques including native polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE), isoelectric focusing, serum protein electrophoresis, Sodium Dodecyl sulphate electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE), zymography, affinity electrophoresis etc.
This separation procedure requires a number of reagent solutions, samples, and apparatus. These include buffer solutions, protein ladders, dyes, gels and solidifying agents, glycerol solutions, zinc destaining reagents, silver nitrate, kits etc. Choose your requirement by comparing products from different brands - HiMedia, Fisher BioReagents, Bangalore GeNei.


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Brand: Fisher BioReagents

Catalog No.: YBP771050

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Brand: Fisher BioReagents

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Brand: HiMedia

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Brand: HiMedia

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Brand: Pierce

Catalog No.: 28363

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Brand: HiMedia

Catalog No.: ML056-1L

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Brand: HiMedia

Catalog No.: ML056-200ML

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