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Microbial Culture Collection

A microbial culture is the growth and multiplication of microorganisms in an externally supplied medium. Basic components of the microbial culture mediumincludesa carbon source, an amino acid source, salts, andwater. To promote the growth of specific microbes, a more defined medium can be designed. This medium is prepared in the form of a liquid broth, or as a solid, using solidifying agents such as agar. It is of particular interest to isolate and collect a pure culture of a microbial species. Such a culture contains only a single species and is used widely to study the organism of interest. Pure cultures have numerous applications in the field of biological research such as drug/vaccine discovery or tocharacterizesome unknown species. To facilitate studies using pure cultures, several agencies all over the world, provide cultures of single strains of microbes in alyophilizedform, which can be revived and grown on culture media for various research purposes.

BioMall offers several such products encompassing various strains of microbes, collected from across several sources, such as ATCC-EZ-Accu Shot, KWIK-STIK Plus ATCC. Customers can easily select and purchase the desired culture by using the ATCC Strain Designation number.


Acetobacter aceti ATCC 15973-0511P

Acetobacter aceti ATCC 15973-0511P

₹ 6,785.00


Catalog No.: 0511P

Quantity/Unit: 2 sticks/PACK