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Watch Glasses

Watch glasses are essentially used in chemical laboratories to provide a surface for liquid evaporation, for measuring solids, heating substances, and to cover other containers. Watch glasses are made of plastic or glass. The glass watch glasses are reusable and can be sterilized in an autoclave. These materials can withstand high heat and have mechanical durability. Whereas plastic watch glasses are disposable in nature. This type is mainly used in experiments where cross contamination needs to be avoided. But they cannot withstand too high temperatures. They are less expensive and light-weight and does on degrade under UV radiation. In chemistry labs, during evaporation studies, watch glasses are used to study evaporation of liquids and to study the crystallisation patterns. It is also used in separation procedures when a volatile substance needs to be separated from a solid.

Biomall offers watch glasses manufactured by renowned brands such as Borosil.


₹ 4,250.00

Brand: Borosil

Catalog No.: 9986077

Quantity/Unit: 50 pieces/Case

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