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Biochemicals refer to the naturally occurring chemical substances in biological systems. These could be, for example, a hormone or an enzyme. In the biological system, they play an important role as activators, catalysts, inhibitors of various biochemical and physiological reactions.
In a typical biology lab, various biochemical tests are performed. For example, catalase test for identifying gram-positive and oxidase test for identifying gram-negative bacteria. These tests distinguish biochemical activities of each bacterial species.Biochemicals can also be used for protein estimation like the Biuret test in which copper ions indicate peptide bonds (present in protein) by generating colored complex. Biochemicals are also produced artificially and are used for diverse purposes. The best example is of collagenase which is used to segregate cells from the tissue by breaking up collagen and is therefore useful in preparing isolated cell suspensions. Other examples: Protease to remove protein or amylase to remove starch. Papain to tenderize meat and rennin in cheese making. These are all required in brewing, dairy, meat, food, and biological especially microbiological labs and industries.


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