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Volumetric Flasks

Volumetric flasks, as the name indicates, are used to contain a specific volume of a solution at a certain temperature. An important feature which distinguishes these flasks from the other laboratory flasks is the presence of a bulb and a long neck. The bulb may have a round base or a flat one, which allows it to stand without support. The flasks have a stopper or plug attached to the top to enable efficient mixing and hassle-free storing. In some cases, the flasks come with an interchangeable stopper. An etched graduation mark in the form of a ring is present near the neck of the flask. This mark is calibrated “to contain” the specified volume at 20?C.  The volume, tolerance and the manufacturer’s logo are labelled near the bulb of the flask. Glass volumetric flasks are preferred since the plastic ones are not so accurate and may stain easily. Although volumetric flasks are commonly transparent, amber coloured flasks are also available for preparing light sensitive solutions. 

According to standard specifications, volumetric flasks come in two classes. Class A or Class 1 have a more accurately placed graduation mark whereas Class B has a lower precision. Generally, Class B is used for teaching or qualitative purposes. 

Both transparent and amber coloured volumetric flasks are categorized based on the type of Class and size can be procured from the BioMall website. There is flexibility in choosing the type of stopper (glass or pp) also.