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Laboratory Flasks

Laboratory flasks or simply referred to as flasks, are containers which serve a vital purpose in any laboratory. A distinctive feature of these flasks is a wide body and the presence of at least one tubular neck. These flasks are available in an array of shapes, sizes and based on the nature of their material. Usually, they are made of either glass or plastic. The capacity of each flask (in mL or L) along with a measuring scale (in certain flasks), is etched on the body.

Some flasks are provided with tapered ground joints (female) near the opening, which can fit into the respective male joints present on other equipments or a stopper. This is observed in case of round bottom flasks, flat bottomed flasks and even in some volumetric flasks. There are rubber or glass stoppers available for volumetric flasks and for certain variants of other flasks. Cotton plugs and aluminium foils are good alternatives to cover the flasks which do not have any attached stoppers. 

Flasks serve a number of purposes in labs. They can be used for holding, collecting, estimating, mixing, boiling and cooling liquids. Sometimes, they are also used for preparing and storing media or cultures. Volumetric flasks are used prominently for making standard solutions, round bottom flasks are used for boiling liquids in distillation and reflux set-ups. Conical flasks are ideal for storing, mixing, collecting liquids or for preserving media and cultures. 

Round bottom flasks, flat bottomed flasks, Erlenmeyer (conical) flasks, volumetric flasks are some of the flasks found in the extensive catalogue provided by BioMall from manufacturers like Borosil, Supertek, etc.


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