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Restriction Enzymes and Other Enzymes types

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Restriction and other Enzymes

Restriction enzymes are enzymes which can cut DNA fragments at or near specific recognition sites within the DNA molecule. Also known as restriction endonucleases or molecular scissors, they make two incisions, one cut through each sugar-phosphate backbone (i.e. each strand) of the double-stranded DNA. Based on their structure, enzyme cofactor requirements, substrate types and preference to cut DNA at the recognition site itself, or another different site, restriction enzymes are classified into four types.
Type I enzymes cleave DNA at sites far away from the recognition sites and require both ATP and S-adenosyl-L-methionine. Type II enzymes cleave DNA at a site close to the recognition sites and usually require magnesium. Type III enzymes cleave at short distances from a recognition site and require ATP. Type IV enzymes specifically target modified DNA, such as methylated, hydroxymethylated and glucosyl-hydroxymethylated DNA.
There are numerous restriction enzymes available based on researcher needs, available from popular brands such as Fisher BioReagents, Bangalore GeNei, Pierce, and many more on Biomall.


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