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Fume Hood System

Fume hoods are ventilation device designed to prevent the user and the laboratory/facility from toxic fumes, gases, aerosols, and dust which may be generated while handling a chemical. The machine generates air flow away from the user (negative air pressure) thereby taking with it the fumes/particles of the chemicals and filtering and/or treating it before release. This, therefore, prevents the facility and the user from the hazardous fumes and particle. The face velocity is generally between 60 to 100 fpm. It also prevents the entry of any flying debris or another airborne particle into the chemical itself. Fume hoods provide spacious working area and various equipment like the hot plate, overhead stirrer and weighing balance etc. can be used inside of it. The hood comes in various design and dimensions and has an exhaust fan and a duct attached, a low and high flow beeping alarms and in some cases, a blower is used instead of the duct. Hoods have enough lighting and are easy to operate and handle.


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