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Cell Culture Flasks

For culturing of cells,they are grown in suitable media contained in lab apparatus such as Petri plates, flasks, and other vessels. Flasks are vessels which can hold large volumes of liquids, whereas culture flasks are designed to hold culture media and culture cells.

Cell culture flasks may be constructed from glass for sterilization after use, or from plastic which makes them lighter and disposable. The necks are present at an angle which allows researchers to reach the complete surface area of the media. The flasks contain screw caps which enables secure sealing and can be opened using one hand. These products are suitable for the cell, tissue, and even organ cultures.

Different culturing procedures involve various culture apparatus for specific research purposes. These include flasks of various sizes, closure types, neck styles, cell growth areas, with or without a filter, treated surfaces etc. Buy Cell culture flasks on Biomall from popular brands such as Nunc, Corning, SPL.


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