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Cell Lines and 3D Cell culture

Cell lines are a population of cells which have originated from a single cell and are hence identical in their genetic makeup. They are preserved in big cell line libraries and can be procured for laboratory cell culture research based on the experimental requirements.

While two-dimensional cell culturing involves growing cell lines in flat Petri dishes, modern three dimensional culturing entails the culturing of cells in combinations of single or multiple 2D structures. 3D cell cultures are prepared by using scaffolds, or hydrogels or even magnetic levitation. 

Commonly used mammalian/plant cell lines are those of keratinocytes, various stem cells, melanocytes, fibroblasts, epithelial cells, mononuclear cells, muscle cells, hydrogels for 3D culturing, stromal vascular fractions etc. Biomall can help you in acquiring your desired cell lines from an array of selection, from Indian manufacturers such as HiMedia.


₹ 41,384.00 41384

Brand: HiMedia

Catalog No.: CL007-2XT25

Quantity/Unit: 2 T25 cm² flasks/EA

₹ 26,656.00 26656

Brand: HiMedia

Catalog No.: CL007-0.5

Quantity/Unit: 0.5 million cells/vial/EA

₹ 43,624.00 43624

Brand: HiMedia

Catalog No.: CL007-2X0.5

Quantity/Unit: 2x0.5 million cells/vial/EA

₹ 35,224.00 35224

Brand: HiMedia

Catalog No.: CL005-2XT25

Quantity/Unit: 2 T25 cm² flasks/EA

₹ 22,960.00 22960

Brand: HiMedia

Catalog No.: CL005-0.5

Quantity/Unit: 0.5 million cells/vial/EA

₹ 37,464.00 37464

Brand: HiMedia

Catalog No.: CL005-2X0.5

Quantity/Unit: 2x 0.5 million cells/vial/EA

₹ 20,720.00 20720

Brand: HiMedia

Catalog No.: CL005-T25

Quantity/Unit: 1 T25 cm² flask/EA

₹ 53,200.00 53200

Brand: HiMedia

Catalog No.: CL006-2XT25

Quantity/Unit: 2 T25 cm² flasks/EA