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Plant Tissue Culture Essentials

Plant tissue culture is a methodology for the growing and maintenance of plant cells, tissues or organs under sterile conditions on a nutrient culture medium. It is based on the principle that plant cells have the ability to regenerate a whole plant. Several clones of a plant can be produced in a method known as micropropagation. When the required nutrients and plant hormones are supplied to single cells, plant cells without cell walls (protoplasts), pieces of leaves, stems or roots, it results in the generation of a new plant on culture media.

Plant tissue culture procedures have to be performed under sterile conditions, such as under HEPA filtered air which can be provided by a laminar flow cabinet. The plant tissue is grown in flasks, Petri dishes or other containers, which are placed in a controlled environment at specified temperatures and light intensities. The medium usually contains several nutrients, growth factors and important plant hormones: cytokinin and auxin.

Based on the requirements of researchers, various products are available. These include containers, bottles, permanent slides, plant hormones etc. Biomall provides all of theseproducts fromTarsons, MP Biomedicals, SPL, Kapur Scientific traders etc.



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