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Gel Documentation System

Gel documentation systems finds use mainly in molecular biology laboratories to visualize electrophoresis gels. The instrument allows a user to visualize the nucleic acid or protein suspended within a gel matrix, such as agarose or polyacrylamide. The main components of a gel documentation system include an ultraviolet transilluminator, a shield which blocks all the light from outside and to prevent the UV light from reaching the user, a charged coupling device (CCD) for capturing the images. The molecules to be detected using the gel doc are usually stained with some fluorescent stain (ethidium bromide). When UV light falls on this stain, the fluorophore is excited and emits a fluorescent light, which allows us to visualize the molecule. Some of the major applications of the gel documentation system include studying monoclonal and polyclonal antibody binding affinities, gel and blot imaging 2D electrophoresis, immunoassays, post-translational modification characterization etc.

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