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Protein Electrophoresis Kits

Protein estimation and quantification form an integral part of various proteomic studeis. For such estimation, protein electrophoresis facilitates separation of proteins, and measurement of its size, as well as concentration. It involves separation of proteins in a sample when it is run in a gel matrix under the influence of electric current. Separation mainly depends on the size and charge of the protein molecules contained in the sample. Different types of protein electrophoresis are used based on the target protein and purpose - native PAGE, SDS PAGE, pH-based isoelectric focusing, etc.
Protein electrophoresis requires a number of biochemicals, reagent solutions, apparatus. These products are conveniently bundled in kits which are quick and easy to use. HIgh quality protein electrophoresis kits are available from popular brands such as Thermofisher, HiMedia, Fisher BioReagents, with attractive online deals on


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