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Lab Setup

Setting a new lab is a challenging task. To make the process smooth, the first step of the lab setup is to define the purpose and function of the proposed laboratory. Whether it is an educational lab, research lab or analytical lab, every lab demands its own design and set of requirements. The research lab requires autoclaves, biosafety cabinets, freezers, incubators, and sanitized areas while the analytical lab needs air conditioning and controllable humidity. The lab for education purposes requires a whiteboard, a projector, storage spaces, and open benches. Before setting any lab designing the layout is the pivotal task. The layout must include the testing area, storage area, proper locations for equipment, washing area, gowning area, study area, and emergency exits. After finishing the layout, the selection of laboratory furniture is important. Laboratory furniture includes storage cabinets, wall benches, and work tables; pegboards, equipment benches, other applications required for equipment functioning like electric boards, and sinks for washing purposes. The next step of the lab setup is to procure equipment as per the requirement and its proper allocation in the lab. Before setting any lab the most important factor is laboratory safety management.  The laboratory must include some important things such as fire extinguishers, fire blankets; emergency showers. There should be a designated area to store hazardous chemicals and infectious agents. The hazardous biological waste should be disposed of as per the government norms. assists in planning and designing laboratories, sourcing laboratory furniture, equipment, chemical, and reagents manufactured by reputed brands.


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