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Lab Ice Maker

Ice is an essential requirement for performing certain experiments or controlling the rate of a reaction in the lab. For example, protein related experiments require cold conditions. An Ice Maker is an ideal way to ensure that there is ice when it is required. An icemaker, is a stand-alone appliance for making ice, or an industrial machine for making ice on a large scale. Machines which just make ice, without storage facility are also available. Ice makers play a vital role in microbiology and PCR labs. Flake ice is made of the mixture of brine and water. The evaporator of the flake ice machine is equipped with a rotating blade for scratching the ice off the inner wall of the drum by spinning. Water is sprayed down from the sprinkler; ice is formed from the water brine on the inner wall. The water tray at the bottom catches the cold water while deflecting Ice and re-circulates it back into the sump. The sump will typically use a float valve to fill as needed during production. Flake machines may form an ice ring inside the bottom of the drum which can be prevented by using electric heaters or crushers in places where the crusher cannot reach. A flaking machine utilizes a low temperature condensing unit; like all ice machines. BR Biochem Life Sciences is one of the top suppliers of Ice Flaking Machines at BioMall.


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