Chromatography Syringes

Chromatography Syringes

Syringes are used in gas and liquid chromatography. In both cases, Chromatography syringes are used for different purposes. In liquid chromatography, syringes are used to transfer and load the liquid into the sample loop. It does not essentially inject the liquid into the inlet system. In case of gas chromatography, the syringe is an essential part of the sample injection process. Here, once the syringe plunger is depressed, the liquid is expelled from the syringe. There are two processes by which injection can occur cold process and hot process. It is important to choose the right process as it affects the total amount of sample being injected. Similarly, it is also required to properly understand how the syringe influences the liquid injection.

Biomall makes chromatography syringes easily available to customers. Different chromatography needles, suited for different applications are available.

TRUTH Gas Tight Syringe Terminations Luer Tip, 5 ML

Brand: TRUTH

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  • Brand: TRUTH
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