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Dry Bath

Dry bath is a heating device, commonly found in molecular biology, microbiology, biochemistry and genetic laboratories. The capacity of these baths is measured in the form of blocks. This gives an estimate of the number of tubes which it can hold. Generally, tubes or vials ranging from microlitres to millilitres can be used with these baths. 1,2 and 4 block dry baths are the commonly found variants. Dry baths are divided into two categories, analog and digital ones. Analog dry baths do not have any inbuilt temperature controlling technology, they need to be operated manually. On the other hand, digital dry baths are microprocessor-controlled equipment which enables the temperature to be regulated via the digital interface. At BioMall, one can find an assortment of these devices based on different parameters along with accessories like spare heating blocks. ABDOS, Banglore Genei and BioSpan are the main traders of this category.


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