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Laboratory Supplies, Equipments & Biotechnology Products In India

Biomall.in is India's first and so far the only online portal supplying an extensive range of life science products, scientific equipment & scientific instruments and both general and specialized lab supplies of all sorts.

If you are working in any biotechnology or chemistry laboratory in an academic, corporate or industrial sector this is the right place for you. This e-commerce marketplace is hosting 100,000+ products spanning 100+ categories and 100+ national and international brands. All you need to do is choose your product online with the prices and the features that suit you and order! The online domain makes this entire process much easier & quicker ensuring that your product reaches you well in time to keep your experiments and/or practicals going.

Biomall.in ties up with leading manufacturers and suppliers from all over and provides a space for them to connect with their prospective client and conversely. Suppliers can list their inventory at discounted prices thereby helping researchers get access to their products at good price. For research purposes in the areas of genomics, proteomics, microbiology, chemistry, molecular biology, cell culture etc. we provide solutions, reagents, kits, cell lines, furniture, glassware, biotech products and all other essential laboratory supplies & laboratory equipments in India and abroad. Go ahead and explore the website for various special offers and package deals. Create an account and get in touch with the team LIVE!

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