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Lab Furniture

Running and Maintaining any laboratory requires furniture that performs various duties. Storage of many flammables and sensitive chemicals, a space providing an aseptic environment to avoid contamination, trolleys to carry cylinders & other heavy items and enclosures to hold the weighing machines such that accurate solutes are weighed so as to obtain precise molarities and normality. This category provides all such durable and long-lasting furniture.
Fire safety cabinets of various shapes and sizes to securely store all your flammable liquid. Fume Hood systems that provide aseptic enclosures especially useful for all microbiology related activities like preparing media, inoculating and transferring bacterial culture amongst others. And microbalance enclosures which resist vibration and provides an aseptic environment to operate micro-balancing device within them.
Biomall provides all these macro furniture manufactured by various highly recognized brands. Explore the subcategories further to get more specific details on each.


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