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PCR Storage Plates and Covers Types

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PCR Storage Plates

PCR or polymerase chain reaction for DNA amplification is a commonly used technique in any molecular biology laboratory. It is very helpful to use PCR storage plates when multiple PCR reactions need to be operated.PCR storage plates are multi-well plates which store the PCR reagents (usually before the PCR process). They are made of chemically inert polystyrene. The shape and sizes of the wells may vary.
Biomall offers these plates manufactured by various esteemed brands as single bag packed with several plates or individually wrapped plates. They are available in different volume sizes, ranging from 0.8 ml to 2.2. ml.


₹ 27,366.00

Brand: ABgene

Catalog No.: AB0859

Quantity/Unit: 50 plates/Pack

Availability: In stock

₹ 16,657.00

Brand: ABgene

Catalog No.: AB0765

Quantity/Unit: 50 plates/Pack

Availability: In stock