Chromatography Cartridges

Chromatography Cartridges

Column chromatography is a specialised form of chromatography. It is used for the separation of components of the mixture. The stationary phase is packed within a tube and the liquid or the mobile phase is passed through the packed column. Components of the mixture are separated based on the differential adsorption of different analytes on the column. Another version of column chromatography is known as flash chromatography. While this is quite similar to normal column techniques, flash chromatography uses a positive pressure that drives the mobile phase through the stationary phase. Column chromatography systems are now available in the form of pre-packed cartridges. The solvent is then pushed through the cartridge and automated systems using linked detectors and fraction collectors are used.

Biomall houses several such cartridges which can be used in column chromatography.


Brand: Macherey Nagel Germany

  • Brand: Macherey Nagel Germany
  • Catalog No.: 732802
  • Quantity/Unit: 15/Pack