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In addition to a range of laboratory and research related equipment, lab-wares, instrumentals and other accessories, Biomall also offers some services to its customers. These services are there to ensure that all your laboratory maintenance activities and other usual needs are taken care of.  At the moment we are offering two such services, Primer synthesis and pipette repair and calibration.
Primers are crucial for a PCR reaction. After the denaturation of the sample DNA in a PCR machine they anneal to the target segment and polymerase then guides the synthesis of a new strand. Typically, primers are first designed based on the sequence of the DNA of interest using computational approaches. Post designing you can order these primers online to Biomall available to you at reasonable price.
Pipettes are one of the most widely used tool in laboratory to aspirate and dispense accurate volume of a liquid. Repeated use of pipettes could sometimes make them non-functional or inaccurate. Biomall can repair, calibrate and even replace the spare parts (if required) at a reasonable price and in a short time.


₹ 749.00

Brand: Finnpipette

Catalog No.: PIPCAL

Quantity/Unit: 1 Piece/Pack

Availability: In stock

₹ 21.00

Brand: Eurofins

Catalog No.: PRI-SYS

Quantity/Unit: 1/base

Availability: In stock