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Homogenizers are used in plant, animal, food and environmental laboratories for the homogenization of plant and animal tissue and soil samples. The earliest homogenizer was the mortar and pestle, which used the mechanical grinding force to obtain homogenization. More modern varies include blenders. Homogenization can be achieved even using ultrasonic waves and other physical forces. Some of the different types of homogenizers include rotor stator homogenizer, ultrasonic homogenizer, bead mill homogenizer, etc. In biology laboratories, homogenizers are used in cell disruption and fractionization. In case of protein, nucleic acid, metabolic and pathogen studies, the cell must be lysed and to achieve this, homogenizers are used. In more simpler applications, homogenizers are used to simply mix two substances thoroughly. In plant and animal tissue culture, homogenizers are used to grind tissue. It is used to suspend colloidal particles in a liquid. Various sizes of homogenizers are available - small centrifuge tube sized manual homogenizers to larger bead mill homogenizers.

Biomall offers homogenizers of different varieties. Manual, bead mill, rotor stator and ultrasonic homogenizers are available.



Bead Mill Homogenizer

Bead Mill Homogenizer


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Hand held homogenizer

Hand held homogenizer

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Brand: U R Biocoction

Catalog No.: H-3

Quantity/Unit: 1 EA/Box

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