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Neptune Scientific is a part of Biotix fluid innovation. Neptune Scientific was established about 20 years ago and it is involved in innovation within the liquid handling methods. The company mainly produces pipette tips, tubes and plates. PCR tunes, microcentrifuge tubes, cryotubes and cryovials and mini tubes system are some of the types of tubes produced by the company. In the pipette tip category, Neptune Scientific produces filtered tips to protect laboratory reagents from contamination. Non-filter tips are also manufactured, which provide reproducible results and are convenient to use. Different types of PCR plates such as low profile plate, semi skirted plate, deep well plates etc. are manufactured. These plates are support storage, as well as PCR. BioMall markets pipette tips of different volume capacities manufactured by Neptune Scientific.


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Brand: Neptune

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Brand: Neptune

Catalog No.: 2090

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