Amoxycillin- AMX-10mcg

Amoxycillin- AMX-10mcg

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Product Description

BHI Broth-Supplemented w/0.05%SPS-20ml is used in microbiology for the artificial growth of Streptococcus, Pneumococcus, Meningococcus etc. It is essentially a growth medium for fastidious microbes. It finds use in testing the safety of food and water and antibiotic sensitivity testing. The broth is prepared using an infusion of either bovine or porcine heart, in combination with several other essential nutrients. The nutrients include, an amino acid source such as gelatin or some other animal tissue. It contains salts, disodium phosphate, which is a buffer, and glucose, which acts a sugar source. Other supplements may also be added to promote growth of specific microorganisms. Gelling agents such as agar may also be added to create a solid medium. In clinical and industrial research, it is used for the growth of bacteria, yeasts, fungi etc. 


Product name: BHI Broth-Supplemented w/0.05%SPS-20ml

Brand: Micromaster

Volume: 20mL