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Blood Collection Tube Non Vacuum-Clot Activator 4ml

Blood Collection Tube Non Vacuum-Clot Activator 4ml

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The 4ml clot-activator tubes arenon vacuum blood collection tubes manufactured by MB Lab Consumables. These 4ml clot activator collection tubes are made from premium grade PET material and have only the high quality analytical grade additives added to them. These tubes are widely used in various immunological tests, serology and clinical biochemistry. It is advisable to store them between 4 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Blood collection tube is used together with blood collection needle and holder to collect blood. The advantage of using the clot activator tube is that it can be used for variety of operations. It coagulates faster and is free from both crackling of red blood cells and secondary separation of the protein fibrin.

The Clot activator tubes are coated with micronized silica particles. It is due to the presence of these silica particles that allow the rapid clotting of blood i.e. they accelerate the process of blood clotting. The silica coating also prevents the red blood cells from adhering to the walls of the tube. These tubes provide sufficient serum quantity that is free from pollutants and hence are widely used for serological testing in biochemical as well as immunological fields.

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