cDNA Synthesis Kit- MPC-2

cDNA Synthesis Kit- MPC-2

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  • Brand: Aura Biotech
  • Catalog No.: MPC-2
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The novel corona virus disease (COVID-19) is a respiratory disease caused by the novel SARS-CoV-2 virus. The global impact of disease has pushed research groups towards focussing their efforts on research on the viral genome and development of antiviral drugs and vaccines. The study of the genome of the virus involves the use of reverse transcription to generate cDNA of the RNA. cDNA is much more stable than the RNA. The cDNA Synthesis Kit from Aura Biotech contains highly sensitive reverse transcriptase, random hexamer primers, and all the necessary components to generate high-quality cDNA from RNA templates. The first-strand cDNA generated is ideal for PCR and can be used in a variety of other applications, such as analyses of cellular RNAs, characterization of RNA splice variants, generation and cloning of cDNA. This cDNA Synthesis Kit is a ready-to-use kit come with the components necessary for reverse transcription, including the reverse transcriptase (RT), dNTPs, reaction buffer, nuclease-free water, and RNase inhibitors for the quantitative conversion of up to 2g of total RNA to single-stranded cDNA in a single 20 L reaction. Downstream applications include real-time PCR, standard PCR, and microarrays. The kit is ideal for generating cDNA archives.

The features of this kit include:

- Linear target amplification for real-time PCR

- Higher yields and precision than other cDNA synthesis kits at a fraction of the cost

- 10-fold greater dynamic range than other kits

Product specifications:

Product name: cDNA Synthesis Kit

Brand: Aura Biotech

Catalogue number: MPC-2

Quantity: 50 Reactions