Condenser/Allihn, GL 14 150 MM,24/40

Condenser/Allihn, GL 14 150 MM,24/40

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Brand: Biohall

Catalog No.: BLS.2302.98

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Product Description

Condenser/Allihn, GL 14 150 MM,24/40 are supplied by Biohall. The simplest of laboratory condensers are designed to condense gas phase substances into their liquid phase. The most basic design will have tubes which will hold the gaseous substance and a coolant fluid in close proximity. The Allihin Condenser is a special type of condenser which has a long column which is surrounded by a jacket. The long tube will contain the gas which is to be condensed and the jacket will contain cooling water. The inner tube is designed to have a series of bulbs which help create a larger surface area to enhance the rate of condensation. Condenser/Allihn, GL 14 150 MM,24/40 from Biohall has the following features:

- The product is made of 3.3 Boro Glass (Specifications – ASTM E-438, Type 1 and Class A)

- A thread connecter is also available with the unit (manufacturing material – glass or plastic)

- The condenser is specially designed for Reflux applications.

Product specifications:

Product name: Condenser/Allihn, GL 14 150 MM,24/40

Brand: Biohall

Catalogue number: BLS.2302.98

Dimensions of the condenser: 150 mm

Dimensions of the joint: 24/40

Stopcock specifications: GL 14