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Desiccant Canister-401111

Desiccant Canister-401111

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  • Brand: TARSONS
  • Catalog No.: 401111
  • Quantity/Unit: 1 EA/Box
  • Usually Shipped in: 1-2 Weeks

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Min Orderable Qty : 1 Pack

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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


Desiccant Canister is supplied by Tarsons. They are small, rigid, cylindrical containers filled with desiccants like bentonite clay and silica gel, aimed at adsorbing moisture. Desiccant canisters help prevent moisture damage by adsorbing moisture in the air. They help maintain drug stability and prolong shelf life inside healthcare packaging containers. Canisters are ideal for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products that are susceptible to either chemical or physical degradation due to moisture. Desiccant Canister can be used to extend shelf life and effi cacy of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, diagnostic and medical products by preventing moisture damage.

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