GeNei Protein Fingerprinting Teaching Kit

GeNei Protein Fingerprinting Teaching Kit

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Protein fingerprinting is an advanced analytical technique which uses MALDI-TOF or ESI-TOF to identify unknown proteins. In the technique, the large proteins are broken into smaller peptides and these peptides are analysed using mass spectrometry. A simpler method of protein fingerprinting involves the use of SDS PAGE. Here unknown proteins run on SDS PAGE is analysed for the sequence of protein bands obtained, known as the protein fingerprint. The bands are compared with the protein band pattern of known proteins. The GeNei Protein Fingerprinting Teaching Kit, 5 expts has enough reagents to perform 5 DNA fingerprinting reactions. The kit allows students to compare the banding pattern of three bacterial protein samples. They are required to prepare the protein sample for SDS PAGE, run the gel and compare the protein fingerprint. The kit contains the following components:

- Bacterial organism 3

- All the reagents required for SDSPAGE

- Protein molecular weight marker

- Stainer

- Resuspension buffer

- An instruction manual for further reference

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