Gentamicin Solution 50 mg/ml

Gentamicin Solution 50 mg/ml

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Product Description

A005 is referred as Gentamicin Solution, with 50 mg/ml Gentamicin in sterile tissue culture grade water  in sterile tissue culture grade water under HIMEDIA catalogue. A005 Gentamicin Solution is a broad spectrum aminoglycoside group antibiotic effective against  Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. It is combination of three major components C1 , C1a and C2

• Molecular Formula: C1 - C21H43N5O7, C2- C20H41N5O7 and C1a - C19H39N5O7

•  Mechanism of action: Gentamicin binds to four nucleotides of 16S rRNA and a single amino acid of protein S12. This interferes with decoding site in the vicinity of nucleotide 1400 in 16S rRNA of 30S subunit.

• Specifications: A005 Gentamicin Solution is a sterile filtered solution that contains 50 mg/ml Gentamicin in sterile tissue culture grade water. It is recommended to use in concentration  1ml/L. It is a clear colourless solution, with  PH in a  range 4.70 -5.30.Store at 2-8°C. Shelf life is 24 months. Each pack contain 100 ml of the product.

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