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Labtop Multi Tube Biomixer LBM-100

Labtop Multi Tube Biomixer LBM-100

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  • Brand: LABTOP
  • Catalog No.: LBM-100
  • Quantity/Unit: 1 No./Box
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LBM-100 is referred as Multi tube biomixer LABTOP Micro Controller Based Multi Tube Biomixer under Labtop Instruments catalogue. These biomixers include audio visual alarm and speed and time display optional Labtop multi tube biomixer is made of supreme quality powder coated mild steel and applicable in various laboratories. Specifications:

Control System Micro controller based controller with LCD display

Speed range 750 - 3000 rpm

Display Speed and time

Amplitude 4 mm

Program memory 9

Timer 0-99.99 Hrs

Dimensions of the tray 31 x 18cm

Outer Dimensions 426 x 250 x 480mm

MOC Mild steel powder coated

Power Works on 230 V AC single phase 50Hz.

Company certifications ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2012

Documentations User manual and calibration test report

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