Lambda DNA-1600770601730

Lambda DNA-1600770601730

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  • Brand: Bangalore GeNei
  • Catalog No.: 1600770601730
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Lambda DNA is a product by Genei. Lambda DNA is isolated from an E.Coli phage lambda cl857 Sam 7, which is a lysogenic phage. The DNA is double-stranded and has about 48,502 base pairs and has a molecular weight of 31.5 * 10^6 Da. Lambda DNA has a special site called cos-site, which is formed by joining of the 3 and 5 overhangs at the cos ends.

Lambda DNA finds the following uses in laboratories:

(d) DNA ladder: Lambda DNA, once digested with restriction enzymes, can be used as a molecular weight marker for gel electrophoresis.

(e) It can also be used for studying the activity of restriction enzymes. In this application, the Lambda DNA is used as a substrate.

(f) It is also used in molecular cloning in recombinant DNA technology.

The Lambda DNA from Genei is isolated using caesium chloride density gradient block.

Product specifications:

Product name: Lambda DNA

Brand: Genei

Quantity: 60 g

Catalogue number: 1600770601730

Storage: -20 C

Price: Rs. 1,150.00

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