Lambda DNA (dam-, dcm-), 500 g

Lambda DNA (dam-, dcm-), 500 g

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Brand: Fermentas

Catalog No.: SD0021

Quantity/Unit: 500 µg/Vial

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Product Description

SD0021 is referred as Lambda DNA (dam-, dcm-) under  Thermo Fisher Scientific catalogue. SD0021 Lambda DNA (dam-, dcm-) is applicable in Activity and specificity assays of restriction enzymes, Preparation of DNA molecular weight standards,  and blotting and cloning. It is a is a temperate Escherichia coli bacteriophage. Lambda DNA (dam-, dcm-) is isolated from a heat-inducible lysogenic E. coli GM2163 strain. Phage lambda DNA is a common substrate for restriction endonucleases and for generating DNA size marker fragments. For large scale isolation of phage DNA, cI857Sam7, a mutant carrying four known mutations, is used. The DNA sequence used to construct a phage alpha restriction map includes these mutations.

• Specifications:   SD0021 Lambda DNA (dam-, dcm-)  stored at  -25 °C to -15 ºC.The unit size is  500 µg.