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pBR322 is provided by Genei for aiding in molecular cloning applications. Plasmids are extrachromosomal, double-stranded DNA , which naturally occur in bacteria. Since plasmids are self-replicating units that can be easily introduced into hosts such as E.coli, plasmids are very useful in recombinant DNA technology. pBR322 is a circular, double stranded plasmid of size 4.36 kb. It has the following components :

(a) Two antibiotic resistant markers- AmpR (Ampicillin resistance) and TetR (Tetracycline resistance).

(b) Origin of replication.

(c) Multiple cloning site : the MCS of pBR322 has restriction sites for restriction enzymes such as HINDIII, ClaI, etc.

All these features of pBR322 make it an ideal candidate for transformation into other cells for recombinant DNA technology applications. It is very popular as a vector for E.coli transformations.

Product specifications:

Product name: pBR322

Brand: Genei

Quantity: 10 g

Catalogue number: 1600670101730

Storage: -20 C

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