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  • Brand: Biogenix
  • Catalog No.: BIO011
  • Quantity/Unit: 96Test/Pack
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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


Prolactin Kit is a product from Biogenix Inc. Pvt. ltd. Prolactin is a hormone which is responsible for lactation. It is also known as the luteotropic hormone and is secreted by the pituitary glands. It is also responsible for regulation of metabolism, immune responses and also development of the pancreas.

The Prolactin Kit from Bigoenix is a diagnostic kit. It has the following properties:

It provides a quantitative measurement of prolactin.

The test sample is either plasma, serum or a cell culture sample.

Test duration is 90 minutes.

Target specific antibody is coated onto the wells of the microtiter plate.

Product details:

Product name: Prolactin Kit

Brand: Biogenix Inc. Pvt. Ltd.

Catalogue number: BIO011

Quantity: 96 tests

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