Protease inhibitor cocktail-ML051-1ML

Protease inhibitor cocktail-ML051-1ML

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  • Brand: HIMEDIA
  • Catalog No.: ML051-1ML
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Protease Inhibitor Cocktail is supplied by HiMedia. Proteases are endogenous cellular enzymes that degrade proteins during preparation of crude cell extract and great care should be taken to get a good yield of protein. Hence, protease inhibitors are used for the protection of extracted proteins from several proteases. It is supplied as 100X solution. 0.5 M EDTA is provided with the protease inhibitor cocktail in a separate vial. It is advisable to store this product at 4C. The protease inhibitor cocktail contains the following individual components with concentration (100X in 95% DMSO)

AEBSF-HCl (100mM)

Aprotinin (80M)

Bestatin (5mM)

E-64 (1.5mM)

Leupeptin (2mM)

Pepstatin A (1mM)

Protease inhibitor cocktail is used for the instantaneous protection of proteins from various proteases during cell extraction procedure. It is effective on extracts from almost any tissue or cell, including animals, plant, yeast, bacteria, or fungi. HiMedias Protease inhibitor cocktail is a broad-spectrum protease inhibitor and does not contain any phosphatase inhibitors.

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