pUC18 DNA, 50 g

pUC18 DNA, 50 g

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Brand: Fermentas

Catalog No.: SD0051

Quantity/Unit: 50 µg/Vial

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Expiry Date : 01-Jan-1970

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Product Description

SD0051 is referred as pUC18 DNA under Thermo Fisher Scientific catalogue. SD0051 pUC18 DNA is applicable in Cloning ,Sequencing of insert DNA, pUC18 DNA and Preparation of DNA molecular weight standards . It is isolated from E. coli (dam+, dcm+). More than 90% of this DNA is in the supercoiled form. It is purified by chromatography using proprietary patented technology.

Specifications: SD0051 pUC18 DNA should be stored at -20C.The unit size is 50 g.