Rheostats Slide Wire - 89 ohms, 2.2 amps, 350mm

Rheostats Slide Wire - 89 ohms, 2.2 amps, 350mm

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  • Brand: PARCO
  • Catalog No.: 1856-25
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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


89 ohms - 2.2 amps. For use as series resistance or as a potentiometer. Slide wire type. Oxidized copper-nickel alloy wire is wound on a porcelain tube to provide perfect insulation. Phosphor bronze contact provided on nickel plated brass slider rod to give rapid and smooth movement. Three brass terminals are provided, one at each end of the wire and the third at one end of the slider rod thus the rheostat can also be used as a potentiometer. Resistance in ohms and current carrying capacity is engraved.