TRUTH Haemometers (SAHLI type)& Accessories, 20cmm Pipette-001

TRUTH Haemometers (SAHLI type)& Accessories, 20cmm Pipette-001

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Haemometers are used to diagnose the presence and the severity of anaemia or even to study the response to therapy against anaemia. Using the haemometer, screening for polycythemia, red cell indices, estimation and selection of blood donors can be done. A colour change reaction within the haemometer is used to determine blood characteristics. In a reaction between the blood and an acid, the haemoglobin changes into hematin, which is brown in colour. Comparison with a glass standard and scales allow the user to judge blood haemoglobin parameters. The TRUTH Haemometers (SAHLI type) and Accessories, 20cmm Pipette-001 manufactured by the brand Truth is designed to suit laboratory needs. The instrument is provided with required accessories and a 20cmm pipette. To ensure inertness from other laboratory reagents, this haemometer is designed using thermo-setting phenol formaldehyde resin. It is also user-friendly. It is light-weight and is durable. To increase the precision in the interpretation of results, the colour standards are made permanent and non-fading. Optical precision for perfect colour matching is also ensured and it complies with the international master colour standards of haemoglobin values, which do not fade out or get discoloured.