Vertex Gold Fully Autoclavable Micropipette Fixed Volume 10 ul

Vertex Gold Fully Autoclavable Micropipette Fixed Volume 10 ul

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  • Brand: Vertex
  • Catalog No.: VGN-ACF10
  • Quantity/Unit: 1 EA/BOX
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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


1. Vertex Gold Fully Autoclavable Micropipette Single Channel Fixed Volume 0.5-10 ul with increment of 0.02 ul. 2. The micropipette is made of mechanically durable and chemically resistant materials & double molded by THERMO PLASTIC ESTOMER; it gives smooth & soft grip like rubber. 3. It can sterilize at 121C, 15 psi for 10-15 minutes without the need for any disassembly. 4. Light weight and designed for ergonomics, adjustable rotation, flexible for convenient manual operation. 5. Four Digit clear & large display helps to read clearly volume range and increment from digital display. The piston button is easily rotated to select the desired volume. Tip ejector makes tip changing easy and quick. 6. All pipettes are factory calibrated and adjusted to give the volumes as specified with distilled or deionized water to make sure highly accurate. 7. The package includes: Vertex Gold Micropipette, User Manual, Calibration report, and Tool kit (Calibration tool, Micropipette holder, Two compatible tips, and grease for piston lubrication). Note: Please adjust the volume to the maximum to maintain the accuracy after using the pipette. Do not turn the push button outside the range, it will jam the mechanism and damage the pipette.