White Light Transilluminator-107172GB

White Light Transilluminator-107172GB

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  • Brand: Bangalore GeNei
  • Catalog No.: 107172GB
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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified


White Light Transilluminator is a product from Genei. Analysis of biomolecules run on gels is a routine procedure for most laboratories. These gels are stained with different kinds of dyes and illuminating these stains with the light of appropriate wavelength allows a user to see and analyse bands created by biomolecules such as DNA, RNA or protein on the gels. The correct wavelength of light to be chosen depends on the stain used. For example, for visualization of biomolecules stained with fluorescent dyes such as Ethidium bromide would require a UV transilluminator. But, for viewing gels stained with non-fluorescent and visible stains, one would require a white light transilluminator. This instrument emits uniformly diffused white light and allows the analysis of gels stained with silver stain or Coomassie Brilliant Blue. Since these stains can be easily seen by the naked eye, placing the gel on the white light transilluminator brings the stained bands into easy focus.

Product specifications:

Product name: White Light Transilluminator

Brand: Genei

Dimensions: 25 cm * 25 cm

Catalogue number: 107172GB

Price: Rs. 24,930.00

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