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Digital Plate Tube Rotator

Digital Plate Tube Rotator

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  • Brand: Neuation
  • Catalog No.: iRollPR35
  • Quantity/Unit: 1 EA/Box
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Neuations Digital Plate Tube Rotator is the next step solution for all our mixing and vortexing problem. This high end equipment is custom made to homogeneously mix solution however dense and viscous it might have been. There full vertical rotating features leaves no room for any inadequate mixing and renders all your essential solutions of biochemical reagents, macromolecules and enzymes evenly mixed and ready for the next step of the experiments.

This particular Digital Plate Tube Rotator has a capacity to hold 55 Tubes of the following dimensions

16 tubes of 50 ml each

35 tubes of 15 ml each

55 tubes of 2 ml each

The continuous or infinite mode of circular motion, gently and effectively mixes the solution without affecting the constituents of the solution and can be adjusted to the requisite angle of rotation ranging between 0 to 90 degrees. The Brushless DC Motor motor run machine has IP 21 Class Protection and rotates at a variable speed of 10-80 rpm with an increment and accuracy of +/- 2 rpm. This useful digital display machine can carry up to 1.5 kg of weight and comes equipped with 3 removable plates which can be easily removed and cleaned. It has easy programmable features with memory where you can save 9 protocols at a time. Features such as pulse mode of clockwise- counter clockwise motion with 2 sec stops in between and auto power on, resuming the run where it left off in case power failures are essential additions in this instrument. This makes the Digital Plate Tube Rotator a worthwhile equipment to invest in if you are looking for the ultimate mixing equipment for your lab.

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