Neuation Tube Roller - 4 Tube roller, 9 x 5ml tubes

Neuation Tube Roller - 4 Tube roller, 9 x 5ml tubes

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Product Description

The long sleek tube roller equipment often solve the mixing problems faced by researchers these days. This durable and highly efficient machine gives impeccable homogenous mixing results in no time, which secures its place in a biological lab. This Neuation manufactured product operates by gentle rolling and rocking movement which allows for a perfect mixing of solutions, optimally done at all levels.

The 4 Tube roller has a tilt angle of +/- 3 and can operate in continuous manner without any interruptions in mixing it, which is ideal for mixing blood samples and other such high viscous solutions. The equipment has IP 21 Class Protection and can operates in 80% humidity at 40  ̊C which makes it suitable for most lab procedures. The 4 Tube roller can carry upto 9 tubes each of 5ml. However, the instrument comes with an adjustable roller spaces meaning it can accommodate different diameter of test tubes. Run by an AC synchronous motor, it has a speed of 30 rpm which comes with an accuracy level of +/- 2 rpm speed. The 300 mm by 30 mm roller size machine has a loading capacity of 1.5 kg.